Sunday, June 06, 2010

Tatted Edge on Prom Gown Wrap

Wow, where has the time gone to?  I haven't posted in such a long time.  I've been so busy, that I barely can keep up with reading blogs anymore. 

I do want to show an edging that I tatted for my daughter, Katrina.  I put the edging on a wrap that went with her prom gown.  Katrina looked so elegant in her prom gown, so classic, like Gone with the Wind.  

I have not tatted much lately, and need to get back into the swing of things.  I bought one of Sally's Pop-o-Bobbin shuttles and just love using it.  The thread tension is just perfect.  I got it in the cedar wood and one for my Mom in cherry wood. 

Well, that's my quick post.  I don't know when I'll post again, Katrina is graduating on Thursday and I need to get busy planning her graduation party.  Yikes, where did the last 18 years go????  Too Fast, that's for sure.  Congratulations Katrina!!!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Celtic Tatted Cross and My Prize has Arrived

I haven't been able to do much tatting lately,  I am working 2 part time jobs now.   I'll have more time in the summer to tat as one of my jobs is at an elementary school, so when school is out I'll just be working part time at the Library. 

I did mange to tat this Celtic Cross by Ruth Perry.  I like how the chains cross each other and the celtic center.  I used one of my favorite Lizbeth threads, Wildflower #109 and the solid match, Dusty Rose #621.  I also did this cross in two shades of green awhile ago. 

Also when I have a few free moments, I like to blog surf.  I'll either do a google search on tatting and just go to different links or at the top of the blogs you can hit the button (Next Blog).  You never know what blog you will end up at, but I love to get lost while surfing blogs.  I have found some interesting blogs this way.  Funny, I did some surfing just now and came across a tatter's blog I have never seen before and she has the same celtic cross on her blog.  The Space Between, she tatted her cross in a magenta and dusty rose, very nice!!

Aileen at Aileen's Wicked Tats, had a Birthday giveawy and I was a lucky winner in her giveaway.  I was so surprised that I won.  Aileen sent so many goodies to use for tatting.  Look at those colorful buttons.  I see some tatted brooches from them and one can always use more beads. :)  I also look forward to trying out the tatted rings.  I see on Aileen's blog she has been tatting with these rings and making scissor fobs and pendants.  Great idea!!  Thank you so much Aileen for your generous gift! 

I don't know if you all have been to Lady Picot's blog, but she tatted a manger scene that I think is fantastic!  My favorite parts of this are the Angel in the sky and the Star of Bethlehem... the sheep are cute too.  She also tatted a Gorgeous doily in black, red and gold.  She has lots of eye candy on her site.

Well I'm off to work.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Happy Tats!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thread Received from Katherinne McKay and Giveaway by Wicked Tats

I have some beautiful thread to show today. I signed up for a giveawy on Katherinne McKay's Digital Alchamy and even though I wasn't picked as a winner, she sent me a sample of some thread that she has dyed. It wasn't enough that I received this lovely color "Fire" thread, Katherinne made an oriental oragami card to send the thread in. The card is just Beautiful!! I have already tatted a couple things from the thread. The colorway is perfect for the flower motif I have made. I have also tatted the "Hope" butterfly by Lady ShuttleMaker.

Thank you Katherinne for the Beautiful oragami card and thread!! Sherry, thank you for sharing the "Hope" Butterfly pattern. I'm sure I will make it over and over again.

Now to tell you of another giveaway going on right now. But hurry, time is running out to sign up for Aileen's Wicked Tats 2nd SPEEDY GIVEAWAY.

Happy Tatting!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I REALLY Am a Prince - Tatting Tea Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!! Tatting Tea Tuesday I might add!!

I am having one of my favorite teas....Ginger Peach made by
The Republic of Tea. I have so many favorite teas from this company and the teas come in decorative tins. They have some cute tins right now, with some delicious flavors of tea. I think I am going to order their new tea "Year of the Tiger" Chocolate Orange Red Tea and it is in the cutest tin. This tea sounds delicious!!

A few years ago, my friend Rayanna, gifted me with a Hallmark ornament which I think is so appropriate for today. The ornament is so sweet!! Two friends having tea and sweet treats. I think the spoon legs and peppermint stick legs with sugar cubes are so cute!

I have been working on a special project over the last few Tuesdays, well, I mean I have tatted on the project on other days of the week, but I want to show it today for Tatting Tea Tuesday.

This picture is entitled........


The fairy is Jane Eborall's Flat Fairy pattern and she is waving her magical wand to turn the frog into a prince. I used Flora size 20 thread. The frog is a Pam Palmer design and is in her Tatting Treats Two book. I made him a size 80 variegated thread. The mushroom is Heather "The Tarnished Tatter's design. And the crown is by Ellen "Singtatter". I drew the background to complete the picture.

Yesterday I received some HDT that I won in a Thread giveaway by Katherinne McKay of Digital Alchamy. I tatted some with it last night and will blog about it next time. I have a migraine tonight and can't seem to concentrate any more.

Happy Tats!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Snow, Snow and More Snow.....Keyed up Earrings

We Are SNOWED in!

Our area of Western Pennsylvania got 2 foot of snow Saturday. Many of the roads are still covered with snow. Many of the back roads are impassible. School was cancelled today, Monday and we just got word that school is cancelled for tomorrow. And we are to get 8-10 more inches of snow Tuesday into Wednesday. Wow, we haven't had a snow storm this bad in a very long time. Here is a picture looking off my front porch:

Here you can see the snow is up to our mailbox. Needless to say we had no mail on Saturday.

Then we had to rescue one of our chickens. Her name is Free Bird. Why is she named Free Bird you ask? Well as soon as she realized she could escape the coop and fly out, she did. At about 6 months old, she flew out of the run at the coop that has a 6 ft high fence. We kept trying to put her back in and she kept flying out. She did not want to be cooped up with all the other chickens, so she has lived free range in the elements for 3 years. We make sure she has food and water everyday and even built her a shelter where she sleeps in the grapevines. So this is why our son, Cameron, named her Free Bird. Here is Free Bird, stuck in the snow. Luckily she didn't sink all the way to the ground and must be on some hard snow, but it almost swallowed her up. We looked out the window and just saw her neck sticking out of the snow.

Cameron to the rescue!!
Look at how much snow is on the roof of Free Birds nest in the grapevines.
Then Katrina wanted to go out in the snow and take pictures, so I had to get one of her. It was very hard to walk in the snow as it was up to her mid thigh.

I don't know if we will have school the rest of the week if we get the 8 inches on top of this.
So today we had the day off from school, I thought maybe I would get to do some tatting, but no such luck. I woke up and was so dizzy all day, I couldn't do anything but sit. Every time I moved I got sick in my stomach and my head was spinning. I couldn't even lay down or close my eyes. I am feeling a bit better this evening, and hope that by tomorrow I am completely better. Oh and I did spend about two hours on the phone with Norton Antivirus. A backdoor virus got on my computer, it represented it self as a reputable site and fooled Norton. What havoc it played on my computer. But $100 dollars later and I'm virus free. What a pain in the neck!!
Now onto the tatting part of the post. Over Christmas, I tatted Yarnplayer's Keyed Up Earrings in Lizbeth thread, I think it was the Sherbet color. I love this color thread.
One last picture for you, it is my Leprechaun William at Christmas time. I found him making new friends with some of Santa's Elf's.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday - Norman the Rooster & his family plus a Tatted Scarecrow

It was so much fun to tat Jane Eborall's newest TAIS. I was pleasantly surprised that the mystery item we were tatting turned out to be a rooster. Norman and his mate Aileen worked out great with another pattern I was tatting of Jane's. My first attempt at Norman was done in a light lavender and light pumpkin color.

So after Norman was complete, I tatted him in another color to go with some other tatting I was doing for a fall display on my dining room table.

Seems like everyone was tatting leaves, which I thought was a great idea. I thought it would be neat to add a Scarecrow to the display, but where to find a tatted Scarecrow. I am not a designer, but I knew of a fantastic pattern that could be altered to be a Scarecrow. I have used Jane Eborall's Bridegroom pattern before, so this would work. The first time I tatted her Bridegroom pattern, I altered it slightly and tatted Harry Potter. I was pleased with how he turned out. Click
HERE to see Harry Potter. Then in my previous post I used the same Bridegroom pattern to tat Frankenstein. I have so many different ideas in my head that the Bridegroom and Bride could be. So in the future I will have more to show.

But for now, here is my Tatted Scarecrow. I have a little stuffed animal Scarecrow that I used as my model for the color of clothes and hat he wore.

Here is my Scarecrow model and the Tatted Scarecrow:

Here is a close up of the head. I put felt behind the hat so that I could glue the hay/hair behind the hat and not be seen.

So what do you think?

I don't know now if I will just lay Norman and family along with the scarecrow on my table runner as seen in a few posts back, or frame him in the picture I drew to showcase him. Hmm, I'll have to think on that one.

Happy Tatting!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Secret Santa Exchange Part 2 - Tatted Frankenstein & His Bride???

In my last post I wrote about what I received in the Secret Santa Exchange, but I didn't show what I tatted and sent to my exchange partner.

My exchange partner was Carol Amich (Battatter) and I know she loves anything Halloween. Well, this isn't quite Halloween, but something along those lines and I thought she would get a kick out of it. I tatted Frankenstein and his Bride. LOL!! How far out is that one.....way out there I guess. I used Jane Eborall's Bridegroom pattern for Frankenstein and her Bride pattern and altered them a bit and this is what I came up with.

Then I used scrapbook paper and drew a background that looked like a brick wall, added a tatted bat and drew a spider web and put glitter on the web and added a tatted spider. Pretty creepy looking, huh??

Here is the rest of what I sent Carol. Some Halloween HDT by Heather and also one of her shuttles, thread, beads, dragonfly pin,

tatted snowflake, Halloween confeti, and the heart shaped material, is a rice heating pad. I got the pattern from Hope Green. You fill the bag with rice and heat it in the microwave and put on your neck or shoulder or where ever you need heat. It stays warm for a long time and the shape allows it to drape so nicely around you neck. I love mine and use it all the time. In fact, if it is really cold out and my bed is cold, I'll warm the heart rice pad up and put it at my feet and I get warm real quick. The polar bear stocking is from Avon and of course there is the required chocolate.

I so enjoy the Secret Santa Exchange. I think it is more fun putting together the package for someone than actually receiving a package. LOL!!

Happy Tatting everyone!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Secret Santa Exchange

Finally a chance to blog about the Secret Santa Excange. My partner was Sherry, Celtic Dreamweaver.

I sat infront of our tree with William at my side, anxiously waiting for me to open my gift.

Sherry sent so many balls of Lizbeth thread in the most gorgeous colors. I do love tatting in color :) There were 8 balls of variegated and 3 balls of solid colors. In fact I am working on the latest TIAS in one of the variegated threads that Sherry got me.

William couldn't wait to get his hands on the thread!!

She also sent lots of pretty beads in different sizes, shapes and colors, a few fancy pins that tatting can be added too, seven books on crochet and lastly, a beautiful cross stitch picture of a snow scene with a snowman with a tatted edge of Mary Knoir's blackmagic. The picture is Gorgeous!! I will have it framed and leave it up year round to enjoy. The tatted edge looks perfect on the picture. Thank you again Sherry!!