Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tatting at Old Economy Village

Below is a picture of my Mom, Peg. She taught me to tat in 1989. My Mom learned how to tat from her friend, Evelyn. My Mom, Evelyn, and Kathy Nicklewicz and a few other ladies from Beaver County demonstrate tatting at the historical village of Old Economy. I taught my daughter to tat a few years ago, so we have three generations tatting now! I have only demonstrated a couple of times with them and I wanted to post a picture of us at old Economy from 2005. It is a lot of fun to demonstrate at Old Economy, I hope to do it again this summer with my Mom.

Peg, Katrina & Evelyn

Katrina & Carol (that's me)

Peg (my Mom), Evelyn, & Carol

Tatting display that Kathy puts together.
To see more of Kathy's tatting click on her name.

Old Economy Village, Ambridge, PA, the third and final home of the Harmony Society, was built by one of America's ost successful Christian communal groups. In 1804, the Harmonists migrated to America from Iptingen (near Stuttgart) in southwest Germany seeking religious and economic freedom. Nearly 800 farmers and craftsmen followed their leader George Rapp (1757-1847) first to Butler County, Pennsylvania and then to Posey County, Indiana. They stayed 10 years in each, building and naming their towns Harmony. The towns were designed by Frederick Rapp (1775-1834), the adopted son of the Founder.

In 1824, the Harmony Society returned to Beaver County, Pennsylvania and settled in Old Economy. To read more about this restored historical village, click on the link at the beginning of this post.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tatted Heart - A Workbasket Pattern

I tatted this heart many years ago, it is from a Workbasket Magazine, I'm not sure of the year or month, I can't locate my copy of the magazine at the moment. But this heart reminded me of spring, with the daisies in the center of the heart.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Motif #9 - Bead Tatted Earrings

I just finished another pair of earrings using Coats & Clark Button Craft thread. The pattern is Jane Eborall's, with a little variations that she has added. The colors I used give the earring a southwest look with the peach, turquoise, cream and brown.

I was at JoAnn Fabrics this past weekend. I wanted to get more of the Coats & Clark Button Craft thread, and I noticed they don't have as many colors anymore. They didn't have the peach thread that I like or the Copenhagen blue. I'll have to go to the Coats & Clark site to see if these colors were discontinued. I sure hope not, I really like using this thread for tatted jewelry.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tatted Parrot

I was going through my bookmarks of tatted sites and came across a link that I didn't think was there anymore. The site is from TatChat and there are still some patterns on that site that some you of may not have seen before. A mini heart by Liz, a heart by Betsy, a bracelet by Debbie, a butterfly by Lenore, three different tatted shuttle patterns and my favorite is the tatted Parrot by Mary Parrott. I tatted this a few times, once for a bookmark for a friend who loves birds, then I tatted it and sewed it on my daughters lunchbox when she was in 2nd grade. I think I still have the lunchbox somewhere. Katrina is 16 now, but I kept the lunchbox because I put tatting all over it. I also tatted the Parrot and framed it. I kept one for myself, which I made in 1998 and the other two framed Parrots's I donated to a bird club for an auction.

I found the lunchbox, I put on it my favorite butterfly by Mary McCarthy, parrot by Mary Parrott, a swan and chicken by Pam Palmer, a caterpillar and ladybug by Brenda Bonnila. On the other side I have a snake (who lost an eye) and turtle by Brenda Bonilla, a mermaid and seahorse by Jane Eborall. I think I will clean this lunchbox up and fix the snakes eye and put some of my tatting in it. I haven't thought about this lunchbox in so long, I guess I forgot about it.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Motif #8 - Bead Tatted Earrings

Another quick item to tat are these beautiful earrings by Jane Eborall. This is my favorite earring pattern. I like to use Coats and Clark button craft thread, which is like a size 30 thread, but gives the earring a firm shape. There aren't many colors to choose from, but your beads can give you the color. The thread comes in white, black, cream, tan, natural, green, blue, red, maroon and blue. At least that is all I can recall right now. You can find this thread at JoAnn Fabrics with sewing threads.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Motif #6 & 7 - Tatted Butterflies

I did manage to tat some last night. Just a few quick butterflies. This is such a cute butterfly. I added them to some birthday cards. This pattern is by Mary McCarthy and is in an old Workbasket Magazine.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Motif #5 - Tatted Cat Bookmark

I seem to be on a roll with these tatted bookmarks. I always like to have some on hand. I have a few of the Tatted Cat Bookmarks already, this is the latest one I have made. The pattern is by Diana Howe and was in the KNOTS Newsletter, November 2002. I have made this bookmark many times. It is fast and easy and kids love this bookmark. You can also find the pattern in Dianna Stevens book "Animal Bookmarks, A Tatted Zoo" . Dianna turned this Cat Bookmark into a Lion Bookmark by making long picots on all sides of the face. Its so cute! You can find information on the book on her website. Just click on her name and it will take you there. As I was looking up her web address, I see that she has the Lion Bookmark Pattern on her website, along with many other nice patterns.

I didn't get to tat on April 1st, International Tatting Day, but I did have the required chocolate! :) I will make up for the tatting tonight. I'm not sure what to start on. I think I will get back to making earrings.