Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I REALLY Am a Prince - Tatting Tea Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!! Tatting Tea Tuesday I might add!!

I am having one of my favorite teas....Ginger Peach made by
The Republic of Tea. I have so many favorite teas from this company and the teas come in decorative tins. They have some cute tins right now, with some delicious flavors of tea. I think I am going to order their new tea "Year of the Tiger" Chocolate Orange Red Tea and it is in the cutest tin. This tea sounds delicious!!

A few years ago, my friend Rayanna, gifted me with a Hallmark ornament which I think is so appropriate for today. The ornament is so sweet!! Two friends having tea and sweet treats. I think the spoon legs and peppermint stick legs with sugar cubes are so cute!

I have been working on a special project over the last few Tuesdays, well, I mean I have tatted on the project on other days of the week, but I want to show it today for Tatting Tea Tuesday.

This picture is entitled........


The fairy is Jane Eborall's Flat Fairy pattern and she is waving her magical wand to turn the frog into a prince. I used Flora size 20 thread. The frog is a Pam Palmer design and is in her Tatting Treats Two book. I made him a size 80 variegated thread. The mushroom is Heather "The Tarnished Tatter's design. And the crown is by Ellen "Singtatter". I drew the background to complete the picture.

Yesterday I received some HDT that I won in a Thread giveaway by Katherinne McKay of Digital Alchamy. I tatted some with it last night and will blog about it next time. I have a migraine tonight and can't seem to concentrate any more.

Happy Tats!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love it! I should tat something similar for the fairy tale section of my library!

I hope you get rid of your migraine quickly. As a fellow sufferer, I completely understand how you feel. Get well soon! I'm sending hugs your way!

IsDihara said...

You have created a truly magical scene! Love it all!

Sorry to hear of your migraine misery! Rest and rejuvinate.

What a darling tea-time holiday ornament. Rayanna is such a sweet friend!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carol,

Your teas sound good and that is what we enjoy before going to bed, a nice herbal tea.
Love your sweet little ornaments and your picture "I really am a Prince".
Sorry that you have a migraine, do look after yourself and get some rest.


Melissa Boling said...

The blackberry sage is heavenly too. It was in a gift basket I won at a booksigning, and even this non-tea-drinker loved it! Your tatting is so springy and cheerful, and the chicken in the snow story was wonderful. :-) Hope you've dug out of the snow by now!

Jane Eborall said...

FABULOUS. Love that picture.

Jane Eborall said...

Fabulous. LOVE the picture.

rainbows and raindrops said...

the collage is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fabulous blog post. Congrats. I love the picture frame and all the tatting you did. You did an AWESOME JOB on EVERYTHING! I love you, my dear best friend.

sewmuchfun4 said...

How pretty, Carol! i love the idea of creating scenes using tatting - VERY clever!

:) Ann

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Diane, Thank you for your comment. What is in your fairy tale section? Still have a slight migraine, thanks for the hugs!

Hello Isdihara, Glad you like the picture. I enjoy creating the pictures. Thanks for the well wishes too.

Hi Carolyn, Thank you for stopping by and for your concern. I had a stressful day yesterday and that didn't help my migraine.

Hi Missy, I have had the Blackberry Sage before and enjoyed that one too. I love the teas from this company. Yes we are dug out of the snow, it is melting, and we are to get heavy rains this weekend. We are going to have severe flodding this weekend. They already declared a state of emergency and it hasn't even flooded yet.

Hi Jane, Glad you liked my picture. Your sweet little fairy is what gave me the idea.

Thank you wickedtats!

Hi Rayanna, Thank you for your compliments. Katrina painted the picture frame, it was perfect for the fairy scene. Luv you too!

Hello Sewmuchfun, I really enjoy creating these scenes. Tatting and then drawing the background. Now I need to think up my next project to frame.

Caroline B said...

Such a cute frog - love the crown!
Hope your head is better today.

Typstatting said...

Love the Fairy scene it would look lovely in a little girls room!!! So what is next on your list?

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Caroline, I am finally feeling better. Thank you. Glad you liked my fairy picture.

Hi Typs Tatting, I agree, perfect for a little girls room! I don't know what I will do next. I will have to wait for inspiration to hit me. I think this scene came into my head from seeing comercials on the new Disney movie with the frog and the princess. LOL!!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Oh Carol, You have certainly outdone yourself. I absolutely love your " I Really Am a Prince" picture. You do such great pictures. I would love to have a picture like this. And would you look at the artwork too. Love it...Love it...Love it!!

Vanessa said...

How gorgeous. I love looking at tatted pictures.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Sherry! Thank you very much for your comments.

Hi Vanessa, Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy putting together tatting pictures. It's fun to creat scenes.

Bella Sinclair said...

Carol! How did I MISS THIS???

Ok, first of all, those ornaments are just darling! How very creative to have made them with tea accessories!

And your collage! Oh my GOSH! Look at the fairy dust and the beautiful flowers and that FROG! So whimsical and beautiful. This reminds me of The Frog Prince (FANTASTIC movie)! What a fun picture to create. :D

Have a delicious and happy Easter!

Ridgewoman said...

Great artwork, layout, creativity, and tatting! A lovely story picture to live with; you are very gifted. xxx bj

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hello Bella, Thank you for your wonderful comments on my Fairy picture. You are the one who has inspired me to draw and create backgrounds for my tatting scenes. This one is my favorite so far. Hope you are well!!

Hi BJ, I appreciate your kind words about my tatted fairy picture. I still need to look into the watercolor pencils. Happy Tatting!

Fiona T said...

This is gorgeous! I was also admiring the Elmer picture. I saw an entry at the Royal Melbourne Show this year that reminded me of this picture too, I think it was called Thumbellina ? I love how creative tatting can be.
Fiona (http://onemadtatter.wordpress.com)