Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Secret Santa Exchange Part 2 - Tatted Frankenstein & His Bride???

In my last post I wrote about what I received in the Secret Santa Exchange, but I didn't show what I tatted and sent to my exchange partner.

My exchange partner was Carol Amich (Battatter) and I know she loves anything Halloween. Well, this isn't quite Halloween, but something along those lines and I thought she would get a kick out of it. I tatted Frankenstein and his Bride. LOL!! How far out is that one.....way out there I guess. I used Jane Eborall's Bridegroom pattern for Frankenstein and her Bride pattern and altered them a bit and this is what I came up with.

Then I used scrapbook paper and drew a background that looked like a brick wall, added a tatted bat and drew a spider web and put glitter on the web and added a tatted spider. Pretty creepy looking, huh??

Here is the rest of what I sent Carol. Some Halloween HDT by Heather and also one of her shuttles, thread, beads, dragonfly pin,

tatted snowflake, Halloween confeti, and the heart shaped material, is a rice heating pad. I got the pattern from Hope Green. You fill the bag with rice and heat it in the microwave and put on your neck or shoulder or where ever you need heat. It stays warm for a long time and the shape allows it to drape so nicely around you neck. I love mine and use it all the time. In fact, if it is really cold out and my bed is cold, I'll warm the heart rice pad up and put it at my feet and I get warm real quick. The polar bear stocking is from Avon and of course there is the required chocolate.

I so enjoy the Secret Santa Exchange. I think it is more fun putting together the package for someone than actually receiving a package. LOL!!

Happy Tatting everyone!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Secret Santa Exchange

Finally a chance to blog about the Secret Santa Excange. My partner was Sherry, Celtic Dreamweaver.

I sat infront of our tree with William at my side, anxiously waiting for me to open my gift.

Sherry sent so many balls of Lizbeth thread in the most gorgeous colors. I do love tatting in color :) There were 8 balls of variegated and 3 balls of solid colors. In fact I am working on the latest TIAS in one of the variegated threads that Sherry got me.

William couldn't wait to get his hands on the thread!!

She also sent lots of pretty beads in different sizes, shapes and colors, a few fancy pins that tatting can be added too, seven books on crochet and lastly, a beautiful cross stitch picture of a snow scene with a snowman with a tatted edge of Mary Knoir's blackmagic. The picture is Gorgeous!! I will have it framed and leave it up year round to enjoy. The tatted edge looks perfect on the picture. Thank you again Sherry!!