Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Secret Santa Exchange

Finally a chance to blog about the Secret Santa Excange. My partner was Sherry, Celtic Dreamweaver.

I sat infront of our tree with William at my side, anxiously waiting for me to open my gift.

Sherry sent so many balls of Lizbeth thread in the most gorgeous colors. I do love tatting in color :) There were 8 balls of variegated and 3 balls of solid colors. In fact I am working on the latest TIAS in one of the variegated threads that Sherry got me.

William couldn't wait to get his hands on the thread!!

She also sent lots of pretty beads in different sizes, shapes and colors, a few fancy pins that tatting can be added too, seven books on crochet and lastly, a beautiful cross stitch picture of a snow scene with a snowman with a tatted edge of Mary Knoir's blackmagic. The picture is Gorgeous!! I will have it framed and leave it up year round to enjoy. The tatted edge looks perfect on the picture. Thank you again Sherry!!


wickedtats said...

Wow lovely presents!

Anonymous said...

All your goodies are fabulous. I love the snowman with the edging, so pretty. Happy Tatting Dear Friend!

Sally Kerson said...

Lucky you!Love the colours of the Lizbeth thread. Its fun seeing what everyone has received in their Secret Santas. Happy New Year

Isdihara said...

Wow, and more wow! That certainly was a box full of Secret Santa treasures!

And how clever of William to go thread diving! He and Ciarrán will get on swimmingly. Of that I am sure.

Seeing that lovely edging -- perfectly framing the snowman stitching -- makes me want to learn Cluny tatting. It is so gorgeous!

victats@gmail.com said...

You're so lucky! Sherri is an amazing person and amazing tatter. You made out like a bandit with all that thread!

Carol Lawecki said...

Thank you, Wicked Tats, Rayanna,
Sally, IsDihara, and VicTats!! I do feel very lucky to have rec'd such lovely gifts from Sherry. And I agree, her Snowman picture with the Tatted Edge is lovely!!

TypsTatting said...

What can I say!! you lucky girl Ican see you Tatting and Tatting, need I go on LOL

TypsTatting said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog, and thankyou for the kind comments also looking forward to seeing your tatting as well.

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Typs Tatting, Thanks for coming by my blog also. And yes, I will be tatting up a storm trying to use all these beautiful colors of thread. Happy Tatting!!

TypsTatting said...

Hi Carol, Your daughter must have been thrilled to meet the actor who played Pippin!!!!!!! I have a few embroidery patterns on Crinoline Ladies as well.

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi again Typs Tatting, You better believe it, Katrina was THRILLED to meet Pippin. She is a huge fan of the movie. I was a bit excited to, we have pictures of him with us and autographs. It was exciting!! Have a great day!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carol,

Lovely photo of you opening your Christmas present swap and what wonderful gifts you got.

Have a wonderful 2010.


Kathy Niklewicz said...

Great to see your new post!

WOW - what a fabulous exchange gift from Sherry! And what a lovely tatted Konior 'border' for the snowman cross-stitch, which is also adorable.

Nice photos of you, your tree and William - not to mention all that Lizbeth thread!

Appreciated your comments on my blog. I believe your mom also made Rebecca Jones' snoman pattern. And I'm delighted you have one of my angels from long ago! Thanks for mentioning it!

I found Billie's website awhile ago, but haven't checked it lately. She's an amazing, creative person. I sometimes saw her at the Brady's Run Quilt Show.

Hope we're pulling out of this cold weather for awhile!

Tatskool said...

What a gorgeous box of goodies, the Lizbeth thread looks wonderful. Super photo of you...and William of course...ooops mustn't leave him out!

Tatskool said...

PS. I loved looking at your tree and exploring it.

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Carolyn, Happy 2010 to you also. I've not had much time to blog, I need to hop on over to your page and see what you have been up to. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Kathy, Yes, Sherry spoiled me with Lizbeth thread and lots of goodies. I especially like the cross-stitch snowman and it has Mary's K. beautiful edging. So sad about her passing away.

Hi Pamela, Thanks for stopping by. LOL, I do the same thing when someone posts a picture of their Christmas tree, I love trying to see all the ornaments they have on their tree.