Monday, February 08, 2010

Snow, Snow and More Snow.....Keyed up Earrings

We Are SNOWED in!

Our area of Western Pennsylvania got 2 foot of snow Saturday. Many of the roads are still covered with snow. Many of the back roads are impassible. School was cancelled today, Monday and we just got word that school is cancelled for tomorrow. And we are to get 8-10 more inches of snow Tuesday into Wednesday. Wow, we haven't had a snow storm this bad in a very long time. Here is a picture looking off my front porch:

Here you can see the snow is up to our mailbox. Needless to say we had no mail on Saturday.

Then we had to rescue one of our chickens. Her name is Free Bird. Why is she named Free Bird you ask? Well as soon as she realized she could escape the coop and fly out, she did. At about 6 months old, she flew out of the run at the coop that has a 6 ft high fence. We kept trying to put her back in and she kept flying out. She did not want to be cooped up with all the other chickens, so she has lived free range in the elements for 3 years. We make sure she has food and water everyday and even built her a shelter where she sleeps in the grapevines. So this is why our son, Cameron, named her Free Bird. Here is Free Bird, stuck in the snow. Luckily she didn't sink all the way to the ground and must be on some hard snow, but it almost swallowed her up. We looked out the window and just saw her neck sticking out of the snow.

Cameron to the rescue!!
Look at how much snow is on the roof of Free Birds nest in the grapevines.
Then Katrina wanted to go out in the snow and take pictures, so I had to get one of her. It was very hard to walk in the snow as it was up to her mid thigh.

I don't know if we will have school the rest of the week if we get the 8 inches on top of this.
So today we had the day off from school, I thought maybe I would get to do some tatting, but no such luck. I woke up and was so dizzy all day, I couldn't do anything but sit. Every time I moved I got sick in my stomach and my head was spinning. I couldn't even lay down or close my eyes. I am feeling a bit better this evening, and hope that by tomorrow I am completely better. Oh and I did spend about two hours on the phone with Norton Antivirus. A backdoor virus got on my computer, it represented it self as a reputable site and fooled Norton. What havoc it played on my computer. But $100 dollars later and I'm virus free. What a pain in the neck!!
Now onto the tatting part of the post. Over Christmas, I tatted Yarnplayer's Keyed Up Earrings in Lizbeth thread, I think it was the Sherbet color. I love this color thread.
One last picture for you, it is my Leprechaun William at Christmas time. I found him making new friends with some of Santa's Elf's.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love snow, but that amount seems a little ridiculous! We haven't had that much snow since the early 80s. They're predicting a snow storm tonight and into tomorrow, but they've been wrong every time so far this year. I guess we'll see what tomorrow holds!

Icela said...

Carol, I don't envy you with all this snow. I will take the rain any day over the snow. I am so glad we moved to the south 30 yrs. ago to get away from the snow in New England. Brrrr!

Fox said...

Lucky you are looking out for Free Bird! Too much snow for a little chicken! Oh, so much of the white stuff - keep it south of the 49th!

This earrings are very pretty.
Fox : )

Ridgetatter said...

Oh my Gosh ~ That is a lot of snow. I haven't been in snow that deep since I was 12 and lived in Washington State. We had about 3 ft, and we've had a number of snow storms, but the snow from this week has already melted with 50 + degree heat.
OH, now that you have "free bird" are you going to clip her wings back, so she can't fly out.
We had free range birds on the ranch; and, people wanted to buy them, so Loyal said, "You catch em and you can buy them for 2 dollars a piece; but. we found out the folks were using them in their sacrifices (Hmong folks), so Loyal wouldn't sell them any more.
Sounds like you had Vertigo. I had a bout of that once when Loyal was up at Donner summit and I was home alone; and, I couldn't get off the sofa to keep the fire going in the fireplace, the elec. was off (no water or heat ~ lived on a ranch) so I was huddled under blankets and practically starving. A friend dropped by and rescued me…stoked up the fire and made me soup on the fireplace insert….It isn't any fun.
XXX take care Bev

Sally Kerson said...

Really gorgeous pictures of the snow, but oh how the white stuff stops your life! Poor chicken! Hope you are feeling better now. The earrings are very pretty. Oh and keep the snow there please!

Vanessa. said...

The snow looks beautiful. However, I can only imagine what it must be like to live in snow-bound conditions. I guess it gives you plenty of 'inside' time to do your tatting.

Sharon D. said...

Love the earrings. I hate the snow. I live in IA. and we had so much snow that there is no place left to throw it anymore.

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Diane, Yes, this much snow is ridiculous! My kids want to go back to school, tired of being cooped up, lol like my chicken!

Hi Icela, how I wish we were in the south right now too!!

Hi Fox, I'm lucky my Free Bird didn't just sink all the way to the ground, we wouldn't have found her.

I'm feeling better from the Vertigo of yesterday. You were lucky someone checked on you when you had the Vertigo. Not a good thing to have, especially when you are home alone. Clip her wings, I'll have to consider that. THanks!

Hi Sally, I'll keep the snow here and more coming today. Since I'm feeling better today, maybe I'll even get to tat some.

Hi Vanessa, Thanks for dropping by! And I do plan to do some tatting today!!

Hi Sharon, Oh my you must have a lot of snow too. That is why school is cancelled again today, in town there is no where to throw the snow, so that's why many of the narrow roads aren't even cleaned yet.

Carol Lawecki said...
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Kathy Niklewicz said...

Want you to know we're thinking about you up there in those hills! Amazing photos!

We've got 21" here (and waiting for the next 6-10") but we share a plowing service with the neighbors and are grateful we CAN drive out if we have to.

Fortunately we're retired so it's much easier for us than most. Having power is the main thing.

Glad you rescued Free Bird! I often wonder where the wild birds and squirrels go!

Hope you're feeling better! The computer situation scares me! Your earrings are very pretty! Hope you'll be able to tat through the next storm! Hope your Mom's okay!

yarnplayer said...

You did a beautiful job on the earrings! I like the colors, and how you added the beads - very nice!

Hope you and your computer are both feeling very much better now. We have snow falling here in Wisconsin at the time of this writing, too. It certainly does get to be too much of a pretty thing, sometimes!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carol,

Your snow pictures are so beautiful but it must be so cold there.
Poor little chicken and probably wished she had of stayed in the coop.
sorry to hear that you have not been well, do take care and feel better.
Your tatting is pretty.

Stay warm and enjoy your week

Hartasu said...

Ooooo es increible tanta nieve!!!, maravillosos esos pendientes un saludo desde España.....Kiss

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Carol,
Yup, It looked like you all are snowed in big time. I reckon you all have had more snow than Michigan this year. Of course I am not envious at all. Huge Grin. Your tatted ear rings are lovely and I love those colors too. Your leprechons are wonderful. great work.

I have entered an International Online Exhibition for the very first time. the Exhibition is called Winter Wonderland and my piece is called Bavaria Winter Wonderland. Please have a look at my blog and it will take you to the site to view all the entries. Please let me know what you think and please vote. Hugs Judy

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Kathy, This has been some snow storm. We have about 30" on the ground. No School all week. We haven't been out of the house, the kids miss school. I wonder too where the turkeys and ground birds are and we haven't seen the deer around either and what they are eatting? My Mom is doing good, she has been plowed out a couple of times, but hasn't been out driving.

Thank you for your compliment! I love how this earring tats up and will be making it again. I gave these to a friend at church and she just loved them.

Hi Carolyn, yes it is very cold here, but I think the snow storm is over with now. The roads are a mess. They are having a time with clearing all the roads, especially in town, there is no where to put the snow. They are having to truck it out. I am feeling better from my dizzy spell, but ended up with a migraine two days later. So I'm a bit tired today, but no headache. Thanks for stopping by.

Carol Lawecki said...

Hartasu, Thank you for stopping by! I enjoy your blog also. Hugs!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hello Judy!! Yes, PA has gotten record amounts of snow. 30" this week. The storm is over and now to plow out. Thank you for your complements on my tatting. I will hop on over to your blog and take a look. Hugs!

Bella Sinclair said...

Your earrings are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Beautiful jewel colors. They'd look so chic with a little black dress. :)

tattips said...

The snow looks beautiful but I am sure it is inconvenient because it prevents you from leading a normal life. I am sure you will enjoy it while it is there. I love the earrings.

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Bella, Thank you!! I love this color thread and it will look gorgeous with black, I agree!!

Hi Tattips, The snow is so lovely to look at and I don't mind the inconvenience, I was able to stay in and get a few things done around the house. Walking in the snow is another story. It was difficult to track through snow this high to get out to feed my chickens. LOL! Glad you like the earrings!!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Carol,

I hope that the snow has subsided and that you are feeling better from the headache.
Yes, that was me behind the bear with the red coat.

Have a great week

TypsTatting said...

Hi Carol!!!! Love the pictures of the snow and the earings are lovely especially the thread colour!!!!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Typs Tatting, Thank you! This is one of my favorite new colors of Lizbeth thread!!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hello Carolyn, Thank you for asking. I am feeling better from the headach, and I haven't had one in a few days now. Hugs!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hello Carolyn, Thank you for asking. I am feeling better from the headach, and I haven't had one in a few days now. Hugs!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Snow and more snow and more snow on the way. Gee!!! I love your pictures. They are wonderful. I see that you have been busy being snow in. You are so darn awesome with this Tatting! Amazing you are!!!
Thanks so much for your kind words.

Maggie R said...

Oh My Goodness, You really did get blasted... We have had very little snow here in Southern Ontario, Canada, Roads have been bare and so comfy to drive on HOWEVER... we are getting it on the week-end and wouldn't you know I have somewhere to be on Saturday...sigh... Maybe it will miss us!! Not Likely!!!
I love the earrings you did. The color is delightful. I have had so many things to do I haven't really mastered the tatting thing yet.. I am still hopeful. You are such an inspiration and thank so much

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Vanessa, Thanks for coming by my blog and for you lovely compliments! Yes we were snowed in and getting more snow today and school is closed. Maybe I will get to tat today!!

Hi Maggie, Hope you didn't get the expected snow and that you got to where you were to go!!! There are many good tutorials on tatting, I know many people who were able to learn by these. Good luck!! Thanks for stopping by! ((HUGS))

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Carol! Sorry to hear you are snowed in. Your photos do look magical though. I would love to be playing in that snow, at least for a little while. Hope you are keeping warm. Love the story of Free Bird. How cute is that! Your tatted earrings are beautiful!

Thanks so much for your super sweet comments! I really appreciate it.

Lisa :)

soggibottom said...

We feel very lucky that it seems to have gone from Devon. x x x But we never hold our breath incase in comes back

Rhapsody B. said...


Isn't it interesting, every time people think of cold winter they talk about Canada. The US has had a rough time of it while we here in Toronto barely seen any snow or experience any storms and all the rough days we have had came from the US.

I hope you had a splendid time being snowed in. It's always and opportunity to pamper oneself, catching up on a few things that was left hanging because of a busy schedule.

Have a grand weekend and thanks for sharing

Carol Lawecki said...
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Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Lisa, Thank you for stopping by. The snow is finally melting and we are warming up here in PA. My Free Bird has made it through another winter. Her little shelter above the grapevines colapsed from all the snow on top. My Dh had to make another shelter for her. She should be called Super Chicken. LOL!

Hi Soggibottom, Thanks for stopping by! I love the cute bears on your blog.

Hello Rhapsody, Yes, Canada does get some wicked weather. I think some of it crept down our way in Easter Pa this year. I didn't mind being snowed in. I got more tatting done because I couldn't run my kids around anywhere, we just stayed home.