Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesdays - Tatted Leaves, Acorns & Pumpkin - OT Please vote for KISKI

Fall has arrived and I have been busy tatting all things Fall. For the last few weeks, I have been tatting leaves, acorns and a pumpkin. There are so many great patterns for tatted leaves and some really pretty variegated threads, that it makes the tatted leaves look authentic!!

Before I learned to tat and tatting took over my life, I use to cross-stitch. One of the pieces I did was a large table scarf with cross-stitched pumpkins and fall leaves as a border. I have used this on my dining room table every fall for about the last 25 years. Well, I thought maybe I could change it up a little bit by tatting some leaves and just laying them around on the table scarf. Here is what I have done so far.

First I have a lovely little pumpkin designed by, Sherry Matthews. I really like how the leaves are tatted.

The next two leaves I have done so many times. It is an old Workbasket pattern that was updated by Tammy Rodgers. Here I used Yarnplayer's Sugar Maple HDT and a solid butter cream Manuela and the right leaf center is also Manuela in light pumpkin. I also tatted a few acorns, which are designed by Karey Solomon and is in her book "Tatting Turns over a New Leaf.

Next is another leaf out of Karey's book mentioned above, it is called "Simple Leaf". These are also done in Yarnplayer's Sugar Maple HDT.

Here is another pattern out of "Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf" by Karey Solomon. This is a Silver Maple Leaf, done in Sugar Maple HDT and a solid red Manuela for the center. I like how this one turned out.
This cute little leaf is designed by Sherry "LadyShuttleMaker".I used Altin Basak thread.

My Last leaf is a desgin by Gale Marshall at Tats All, I used Yarnplayer's Nectrarine HDT
I really like this color.

Here is my dining room table all decorated for Fall. I think next year I will continue tatting a few more leaves and pumpkins. There are still some different leaves I didn't tat, but it will wait till next year. I'm ready to move on to my next project.

Wait a minute, I took this picture thinking I was done, I was putting my camera away and I noticed that something looked different on my dining room table. I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought I better take another picture, just to make sure...........

yes, I see him now..............

he just had to get in on this picture...........

I see he has made a new friend...................
Do you see him????????

He is hiding, and he just popped out to say...................

Happy Halloween!!!!!!


p.s. Very OT - Could you take a moment to help vote Kiski Area Marching Band for Band of the week???

My daughter, Katrina is in the Kiski Area Marching Band. This is her senior year and she so enjoyed her time in our Marching Band. Kiski Area Band is in the National Class of Marching Bands and have won 1st place in their AA class 28 times in a row. They just had a regional competition in Masillon, Ohio and 21 bands from 6 states participated, they once again won 1st place in their class and took 1st place over all.

Our local news station WPXI in Pittsburgh always showcases a "Band of the Week". In all four years that Katrina has competed, the local news station has never done a story on our band. We sure would like to see Kiski get recognized and showcased on our news station. If you go to this link:

WPXI Vote for the Band of the WEEK

Just vote for Kiski Area that's all you need to do.

Whatever band has the most votes by Friday, October 30 at 12 noon will be showcased on the local news.

This is Katrina with tears of joy, after learning they took 1st over all!!!

Thank you so much!! Katrina appreciates your Vote.