Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Pin & Peacock Colored Pin

Memorial Day was a great day. First there was the Memorial Day Parade in Vandergrift, PA. My daughter, Katrina, is in the Marching Band, and they marched at the parade. We had great weather for the parade.

Then we spent the day doing odds and ends outdoors, planting in the garden, took a long walk in our woods on the trails and cooked out!

Then in the evening I had time to tat. I saw that Kathy at
"Kathy's Victorian Tatted Lace" tatted a red, white and blue motif. Which of course really fit the day and inspired me to tat something red, white and blue. So I found a pattern that I have wanted to tat for many years, and never have. It's a pretty little heart by Billy Heisler "Heisler's Creative Stitchery" the heart pattern can be found here. This was quick and easy to tat.

I have a jean jacket that has embroidered Peacock Feathers on the sleeve and back. I love the colors used in the feathers. Teal, Dark Lavendar, a Bright Green, the colors in the feathers are so vivid. I wanted to tat a pin in these colors to wear on my jean jacket. I thought how nice the pin would look with the embroidered feathers. Luckily I just ordered some Lizbeth thread and they were the perfect color for this project. I used Jane Eborall's Lotus Flower pattern. I love how the pin looks with my jean jacket.

All I have to do now is glue the tie tack pin to the back of the pin and I'm all set.
Now to go plan my next project. It will be another mixed media project with some tatting and a drawing.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Elmer, The Patchwork Elephant

Many of you with young children may know of the book series "Elmer" by David McKee. Elmer is not a normal color elephant, he was patchwork. Elmer was yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green black and white. This series was a favorite for both my children when they were little. We read the books over and over again.

Well, I got this idea to tat Elmer in patchwork colors and add a drawing to go along with him. It was such fun creating this picture. I recently discovered how much fun it is to draw. I didn't think I could draw, anything but stick figures though. But I have been so inspired by art blogs lately that I have been doodling.
The elephant is a pattern by Jane Eborall. One of her many animal patterns on her website.

Here is "Elmer". Tell me what you think!

I also wanted to upload a few pictures that I took on Mother's Day weekend. Even though I had strep throat, I did get to go on a Nature Walk with my family in our woods. We made nature trails in our woods and it's fun to walk and enjoy the queit peaceful atmosphere.

This is heading back to the Nature Trails.


Friday, May 01, 2009

Tatted Bookmarks & Pattern Page

I love to tat bookmarks. There are so many styles to choose from. These are two of my favorite though. The cat bookmark is from an old Knots Newsletter #50 from 2002. The cat is also in Diana Stevens Animal Bookmarks book.

The butterfly is my favorite butterfly to tat. The pattern is by Mary McCarthy and was in the Workbasket Magazine I think 1990. There is to be a bead in the center of the butterfly, but I left it out since I didn't want the bead to damage the book it would be used in.

I came across a Tatting Site I have never seen before. It is called "Free Tatting Patterns". I don't know whose site it is and none of the tatted pieces look familiar. Although the Wide Tatted Necklace does look like something Totusmel would have designed.

If you click on Read the rest of this post on each blog entry, it gives the pattern to that piece. There are some really pretty pieces of tatting here. I really like the pink white necklace.

Does anyone recognize who this site belongs to? There is even a Tatted Tie on here. Very interesting!!

Well let me know what you think.

Happy Tatting!