Sunday, June 06, 2010

Tatted Edge on Prom Gown Wrap

Wow, where has the time gone to?  I haven't posted in such a long time.  I've been so busy, that I barely can keep up with reading blogs anymore. 

I do want to show an edging that I tatted for my daughter, Katrina.  I put the edging on a wrap that went with her prom gown.  Katrina looked so elegant in her prom gown, so classic, like Gone with the Wind.  

I have not tatted much lately, and need to get back into the swing of things.  I bought one of Sally's Pop-o-Bobbin shuttles and just love using it.  The thread tension is just perfect.  I got it in the cedar wood and one for my Mom in cherry wood. 

Well, that's my quick post.  I don't know when I'll post again, Katrina is graduating on Thursday and I need to get busy planning her graduation party.  Yikes, where did the last 18 years go????  Too Fast, that's for sure.  Congratulations Katrina!!!!!!


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Beautiful work. She looks so pretty. ..and I hear you.. My eldest daughter will be 18 in March and I don't know where all that time has gone either!

Eliz Davis (tatknot) said...

What a wonderful way to give a piece of yourself to this special event in her life. And since you had a big role to play in getting her to this point, congratulations to both of you.

Vinnie said...

Congrats to Katrina and you too!!!
She looks lovely in her red dress.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, she's BEAUTIFUL. The edging is just right. Do you realise we've known each other (via the internet) since she was a wee girl and I've watched both your kids grow up. She's a credit to you and DH. What a lovely setting too.
Oh, forgot nearly - glad you like the shuttle.

Isdihara said...

Carol, the tatting on your daughter's wrap is STUNNING -- just like your daughter. She must have been the loveliest belle at the ball.

(The word verification for this comment is "natch" - as if to say, "naturally." The blog gods are clearly in agreement with me. ☺

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Congratulations on your graduate! She looks so pretty too.

Katherinne McKay said...

Beautiful! I really like the addition of the pearls. It looks perfect!

Congrats on the upcoming graduation!

Fox said...

Time fly's, eh? : ))

Your daughter looks lovely and your tatted edge is perfect and adds that special something so important in pulling it all together so elegantly.

Congratulations on this milestone and good luck to Katrina,
Fox : )

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Carol!

Great to see your post! Beautiful photo of Katrina! Her gown is gorgeous, and the special tatted trim is so very special. I'm sure she loved it!

Looks like she had a perfect Senior year, with a nice graduation celebration coming up. It's an exciting time!

I'll look forward to seeing the Pop-o-Bobbin shuttle! Sally's husband has been working so hard to meet all the orders. PLUS, he's trying to accommodate everyone's preferences!

I'd like to try his larger 'post' ones - similar to the Tatsy but with a hook on the end. I don't know if anyone ever made those before (not exactly easy to get that hook in there!)

I definitely prefer bobbin shuttles, but the large shuttle could hold a lot of thread and act as the 'ball' yet be available to also make rings. I always use Tatsys to demonstrate with, so I'm used to the larger size.

Even I'm having difficulty keeping up with the blogs, and my life isn't nearly as active as yours! Of course, we're back on the car cruise circuit again!

❦TattingChic said...

Very pretty, Carol! Thanks for sharing that with us! It's always more fun to see it ON the recipient, too! She looks lovely!

~TattingChic ♥

deanna7trees said...

Beautiful daughter, beautiful edging. Congratulations on her graduation.

Acadian Crochet said...

That's a beautiful edging. It made her outfit truly special!

Carol Lawecki said...

Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments on the tatted edge and on Katrina also. We are so proud of her. She will be going to St. Francis University in PA and majoring in Social Work.

Kathy, I will bring the pop-o-bobbin shuttle if I can make it to Vicary Days. I am hoping to attend that one.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carol,

Lovely to see a post from you and I often wonder how you are doing.
Congratulations to Katrina and she looks beautiful in her gown.
Enjoy the celebrations and congratulations to you, such a big milestone for you all.

Happy week

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, Katrina is stunning! And the edging is absolutely gorgeous on that wrap. Gives it such an elegant and subtle flair. Congratulations, Katrina! Good luck with the party, Carol. I know you must be so proud!!!!

Tatskool said...

Congratulations Katrina, you look stunning. Congratulations mum on producing such a beautiful daughter. The edging makes the outfit complete.
Good to see you back with us again.
Enjoy your party.

Carol Lawecki said...

Hello Carolyn, thank you for thinking of me. I am doing well. I haven't had any bad headaches in a month or so. I've just been getting ready for Katrina's graduation and other things.

HI Bella, Yes, we are so very proud of Katrina. It has been a wonderful 18 years with her.

Hello Pamela, thank you for the lovely coments. I did enjoy tatting the edge for the wrap. It turned out better than I'd hoped. I am almost back into the swing of tatting. But will be more into it at the end of June when the party and all the preparations are done.

Tattin' Kat said...

This is stunning!!!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Congrats Katrina!!!

agasunset said...

She does look like from Gone with the Wind but with a modern twist. Edging just gives that something else to it, beautiful. Don't be mad at me but the thing I like the most form your doughters look is her...manicure, wow!!

Carol Lawecki said...

Thanks Tattin Kat and Rayanna!!

Hello agasunset, thanks for stopping by and I agree, her nails turned out fantastic!