Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vandergrift Arts Festival

My Local Library, Vandergrift Public Library, where I work, was involved in the Vandergrift Fine Arts Festival for the first time.  We had Fiber Arts displayed throughout the library and demonstrations going on as well.  There was embroidery, quilting, crochet, spinning and tatting demonstrations going on.  I was of course demonstrating tatting along with my Mother, Peg and my friend Rayanna was there for awhile too!

I was talking to the lady who came in to demonstrate spinning and I realized that I had e-mailed with her before.  Misty joined one of the yahoo groups for tatting and I saw that she was from my area.  I had lost her e-mail address and lost contact with her until I realized when I was talking to her at the Library who she was.  What a small world.  So I hope to get together with her to tat somtime.

It was a very busy day in the Library with people in and out all day watching the various demonstrators and looking at our wonderful displays. This is my tatting display.

This is the quilter's display.

Each group that demonstrated donated an item for our raffle, which was a fundraiser for the library.  I tatted Yarnplayer's  Duchess necklace in Lizbeth thread, dusty rose, from her "Boutique Tatting" book and the earrings I tatted to go with the necklace was Yarnplayer's Carnival Earrings.  I made a bracelet to go with the set too, I just used a basic Rosette pattern. I was very pleased how it all turned out.

This event went over very well and our fundraising for the Library was a success.

Other interesting information about Vandergrift, Pa, if you have seen the movie that was at the theater 6 months ago, I Am Number Four", part of it was filmed in Vandergrift.  Here is a shot of the main character, Alex Pettyfer, in front of Grant Street Music, which is actually Trygar Music.  This is where my son, Cameron takes his guitar lessons.   My daughter, Katrina got to meet Alex and had her picture taken with him.  It was all very exciting to watch the movie being filmed in our home town.