Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year and Secret Santa Gift Exchange


I wanted to wish everyone Good Health and Happiness in 2009!!

I joined in on a Christmas Exchange on Gina's Threads of a Tatting Goddess again this year. It was so much fun preparing a package for my partner, LB Locke. What I enjoyed most was tatting the brooch for her. I read on her preference list that she liked brooches, so I found the prettiest brooch I could find, it was a Jane Eborall design and tatted it for her. This is Motif #17 in the 25 Motif Challenge:

Well, I liked it so much that I had to have one for myself, so I made another one. I also made one for my Mom for Christmas too. Actually I made two for myself, one in blue and one in rose. I used antique mother of pearl buttons that i had and I think they are all so pretty. Motif #18, 19 & 20.

I also enjoyed tatting a little edge on this felt mitten that I found. I used a size 50 thread, so it would look delicate. I also tatted some little snowflakes to put on the gloves too. The clear, silver lined beads made the tatting sparkle. Motif #21.

I also tatted a snowflake and attached it to a card that she could take off and put on her tree. The snowflake was Kim Millar's found on Georgia Seitz website. Motif #22.

I also tatted a motif to go inside a paper weight and a motif in a refrigerator magnet. That makes my 25 Motif Challenge # 23 & 24.

Here is a picture of all the gifts I sent LB.

Bina Madden, had me as a partner and I want to give a big THANK YOU to her for all the wonderful things she sent me.

First off there was a very cute Coca Cola Roadside Diner Tin, that held all my gifts.

A ball of Olympus size 40 in red. I can't wait to try this thread. I have not tatted with this brand before.  A Susan Bates shuttle, you can never have enough shuttles.  Some little plastic rings that come apart and are used as markers on glasses, to let people know which glass is theirs. small barrettes to clip onto thread. A tube of Ceylon Dusky Blue Beads. 
A Silver Wire Star, which I will use as a thread winder.  A porcupine quill, which is so cool, it is used as an unpicker. A tin of Barkley Mints.

 A photo album to put my tatting in.  A pretty little star tatted in a silver metallic thread.

A BEAUTIFUL Pair of Beaded Earrings in this lovely gold thread. These earrings are absolutely GORGEOUS. The beads are pearls and garnets!! Bina designed these awesome earrings.

Thank you so much for all the lovely gifts Bina! Everything is very special.  A big Thank you to Gina for hosting another successful Secret Santa Exchange!!


TattingChic said...

Carol, it is so nice to see a tatting post from you! Your gifts to your partner are stunning and boy did Bina ever spoil you with her fabulous gifts! It looks like everyone was treated well in this exchange! Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas and here's wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Carol!! Lots of blessings to you.


Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Carol - Now that you're back to blogging and tatting you're going full steam ahead! An amazing number of photos and also exchanges going back and forth! Your brooches are beautiful and the buttons are perfect. The paper weight looks great, and I was amazed you found a refrigerator magnet the same size! Neat idea! The mitten is so sweet and nicely done, and the snowflake on the card is also lovely. Also the gifts you received are amazing, too! I love the star, and the cute diner tin; and the earrings really are awesome. I also enjoyed your previous post about William and his continuing adventures! Very imaginative and clever! I see Pam Palmer has started a separate blog just for the leprechauns! Hope you have a great New Year!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Hi Carol, I like your Porcupine Picker outter...I have a lace bobbin for making bobbinlace where the body of the bobbin is a porcupine quill. I got the bobbin years ago. I always wondered about that bobbin if it was many quill put together or just the one...but I see it must have been just the one. I didn't realize the quills were so big. Loved looking at your blog.