Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fabulous Giveaways, Tatted Heart & Kiski Band Needs you Again

There are so many great giveaways going on right now, I hope I remembered to list them all and that you will click on over to the blogs and check the giveaways out!!
First There is a giveaway at Annabelle Stamps Blog

She is having a giveawy on the stamp set and sprinkles. She also has a blog Andrea's Stampin' Moments that she blogs about the cards she makes using her stamps and sprinkles.
I like to use stamps and embleshments to make cards and add tatting to them, so this would be a nice set to win!!

The next giveaway is by Elizabeth's Tatted Lace, Elizebeth is celebrating her 100th sale at her Etsy Store. She is giving away a pair of her Tatted Pumpkin Earrings, they will look similar to these earrings in the photo below. Aren't they just AWESOME!!!

Then LadyShuttle Maker at Tatting Tales, is still having her Random Monday Mondo Giveaway. She will pick a random Monday to give something away. So far she has had 15 winners and plans on doing the random giveaways indefinetly. Now how COOL is that!!!!

Of course I had to show some tatting in this post. Here is a quick little tatted heart that I made, the pattern can be found at Victats Blog. This little heart makes a great bookmark, or would look great as a pendant. Thank you for sharing the pattern. There are also other lovely patterns on her site, she just put a pattern up for a "Bandaid Heart" it is so cute!!

Now onto the Kiski Area Marching Band. Thank you all who helped vote Kiski Area Marching Band of Vandergrift, PA, to be band of the week in my last post. We did win band of the week and it was so exciting.

Now we are trying to win BAND OF THE YEAR!! If you could take a moment to help by voting for us, Katrina would be so happy!! VOTE FOR KISKI BAND OF THE YEAR Voting will go on until November 20th. So Vote often if you can. Thank you so Much!! CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Here is a clip of our band when we won band of the week. Katrina can be seen towards the very end of the clip, she is to the right of the drum major directing the band, her face is partially hidden by a boy infront of her, but you can see her playing her flute.

Here is a picture of Katrina, her Dad and myself. It was Senior Night at the football game and we got to escort her down the field with all the other seniors.


Jane Eborall said...

Now which one is Katrina and which is you? Two pretty young things on the right and a handsome beast on the left. Enough to make an old lady's eyes water.

Anonymous said...

I love your post. The giveaways and advice on how to do them will be very helpful to me since I'm still new at this Blogging. I love the picture of you, Katrina and Mark. Very, Very nice.

Tatskool said...

I voted, I spotted Katrina playing her flute, you must be very proud of her. Our daughter learned to play the flute but gave up as school work took over.
The heart is lovely too, is that Lisbeth?

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carol,

I love your tatted heart.
Congratulations on your daughter getting Band of the week.
Off to vote now and I hope that they get band of the year. Good luck to her team!

Happy week

❦TattingChic said...

There are a lot of tatting give aways going on right now, aren't there? I just saw Heather's, too!

Hope you are having a nice week!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Carol !

I saw the clip on the internet the day that the results came in. I was pretty sure I saw Katrina, and your post confirmed it! This has to be so exciting for her senior year (great photo of all of you!), plus winning so many competitions. These memories will last a lifetime! We’ll see how ‘Band of the Year” works out!

This is a very smart move by the TV station. Someone finally figured out how many kids there are in the high school marching bands (and parents, relatives, and friends associated with them). It’s great to see ‘good news’ for a change!

Also, love the bookmark you tatted, designed by VicTats. She keeps coming up with cool designs. Looks like you used Lizbeth Caribbean. That’s definitely one of my favorites. Also, VicTats ‘Ruffled Heart’ is outstanding, and I’m hoping to tat it soon.

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Carol!
Thanks for the lowdown on all the neat giveaways which are ongoing!

So far, I've voted twice - gotta beat out North Alleghany you know! Your daughter's band is very good - I like the piece they played in the clip. My eighth grader plays clarinet - she is looking forward to high school band next year.

:) Ann

Carol Lawecki said...

Oh Jane you make me smile!! Thanks for being YOU!!!

Hi Rayanna, there are a few more giveaways going on right now, I have to find time to blog about them also!!

Yes Pamela, the little heart is made out of Caribbean Lizbeth size 20. I love this color. Thanks for your vote!!! We are very proud of Katrina and today is her 18th birthday!!

Hi Carolyn, Thank you for your vote also. Katrina was very happy to win band of the week. I hope they get band of the year also.

Hi TattingChic, thanks for reminding me of Heather's giveaway. I need to blog about it also.

Hi Kathy, Voting for band of the year goes on till Nov 20. Hope they win too. Katrina is sad to see it all end. Saturday is their last big competition. Yes, VicTats has some very pretty patterns. I need to tat the ruffled heart next!! I finally ordered some Lizbeth thread, I can't wait till it gets here.

Hi Ann, I know your daughter will love band. In band you make so many close friends and the memories will last a life time. THanks for your votes. North Allegheny is winning now, but we hope to catch up.

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter, Carol. I hope that she has a wonderful day!


Carol Lawecki said...

Thank you Carolyn, you're so sweet!! I tell Katrina!!

Tatteristic said...

Hi Carol,
I just wanted to check out your blog and the reversible motifs at the top are absolutely beautiful!! I'm going to see if I can find the pattern and make some myself. Love your blog. Great info about all the wonderful giveaways that are happening. Tatteristic!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Tatteristic!! Thanks for the nice complements on my blog. The Reversable Motifs at the top of my blog are patterns by Jane Eborall, who is my favorite tatting designer. The pattern is on her site, here is the link:

Thanks for stopping by.