Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tatting for Christmas

I have been busy tatting for Christmas.  I always seem to wait until the last possibly time to start on items I want to tat before Christmas and this year was no exception.  I did manage to get quite a bit done though.  With all the new Lizbeth threads, I had a hard time deciding what to use first.  I wasn't sure how I felt about the color - Blue River Glades, but after I tatted with it, it has become one of my favorite colors.  The blues and greens are so rich in color, I just love how this motif and earrings turned out.  The motif  that I made into a pendant is a pattern by Mark Myers, Shuttle Motif.  The earrings are by Jennifer Williams.  Click on her name and then go to patterns and here is the direct link to the earrings. 

These Tatted Christmas Tree Earrings are a favorite of mine to tat.  I tat at my Library on Thursdays.  There is a crochet group that meets on Thursday afternoon and I asked if I could come tat while they crocheted.  Then a knitter asked if she could come, so we keep growing in size.  Anyway, I had been tatting these tree earrings and three of the ladies asked if they could buy a pair of the earrings.  They are quick and easy to tat. The Christmas tree earrings are a pattern by Brenda Bonilla and the pattern was in an old Knots Newsletter.
I normally tat these in the solid green color, but this year I tried the very pretty variegated Lizbeth thread Christmas Green Mix 152.  I'm not sure which color I like more now.  The solid or the variegated???

Last but not least is a pendant set made in another new Lizbeth thread, Autumn Spice -136.   This is such an awesome color and Yarnplayer's Tatted Leaf pattern looks great in this thread. The Celtic Motif I tatted as the pendant is a pattern by Rosemarie Peel "Tatting for Pleasure."  I have gotten many compliments on this set when I wear it.

Front Side           Back Side

I still have more tatting to show, but I'll save it for another post.
Happy Holidays!