Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Secret Santa Exchange

It has been so long since I updated my blog. I have been tatting, I just haven't uploaded any of my finished pieces. One thing I want to post is a piece I tatted for the Secret Santa Exchange I was in. My exchange partner was Jane Eborall. I tatted a piece by Pam Palmer, from her book "The Twelve Days of Christmas." I tatted the Partridge in a Pear. I framed it using some scrapbook paper and a fancy corner punch. I loved this piece so much that I made an exact duplicate for myself. : )

I also tatted a heart and put it in a keychain, tatted a name tag, and sent a few other goodies like M&M's, Dark Chocolate Cinamon Altoids, notecards with tatting on them and some different flavored teas.

I received some wonderful gifts from my exchange partner, Pamela Myers from Ireland. She sent me a beautiful handmade cloth tree with tatting on it. I still have it hanging in my livingroom. There is room on the back for me to add 6 motifs. It can be reversed and hung with either side showing as there will be tatting on both sides.

Pamela spoiled me with so many nice things. She tatted a beautiful red and white snowflake and made me a Leprechaun with a piece of gold in his hand and he has a tatted sash. He is adorable. There is also a lovely hand made card with a tatted pointsette, and music to my ears, some irish music on cd's. The cute little Ireland Teddy Bear will get some tatting added to him soon, a little coin purse that I can use to put a little ball of size 70 thread and a shuttle to put in my purse, some silver metallic thread and last but not least, some yummy chocolate. Thank you Pamela for all the goodies you sent me!!!

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TattingChic said...

What a neat exchange! What lovely gifts from you and to you. How fun. I've seen that partridge before, too ;)