Thursday, March 30, 2006


I am really enjoying tatting from Dianna Stevens book "ANIMAL BOOKMARKS, A Tatted Zoo" The tatted Owl Bookmark & tatted snake were fun to make. The snake was very easy, the body is worked using one shuttle. Only the head requires a shuttle and ball. The patterns are all too cute. I am working on a swan bookmark right now. This is the second one. I will scan and post a pictures when I am done. I think the swan bookmark is very pretty. I am looking forward to her next book "More Animal Bookmarks, A Zooquel" I'm sure it will be as fantastic as the first.

I wish I could go to Palmetto's Tatting Event. It looks like it will be such a fun time. Look how
cute these tatted block animals by Martha Ess are: BLOCK ANIMALS. I love the Flamingo best, and the Cat, Frog, Penguin, oh heck, I love them all. Great Job Martha! Well it is off to work. I'll finish up my swan bookmark and post the picture when I am done. I have a few other pictures I can post. I took another picture of my sea scene. It has grown a lot since the last picture I took and I still have more tatted pieces to tat and add to it. It is the never ending project. LOL! Happy Tatting !

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Kari said...

I love the owl and snake bookmarkers. They are super cute! :-)