Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday

Does Ice Tea count? Because that is what I had. I made a pitcher of regular flavored tea, but I always add one flavored tea bag, and this time it was apple flavored tea. This way my tea always taste slightly different.

Now onto the tatting part of this post. My Mom and Niece were visiting this past week and I got to do some tatting with my Mom and good friend, Rayanna. It's always fun when we can get together and tat. I made a motif for my niece, she just had her 12 year molars out, so I wanted to tat something for her. Sarah picked out the colors, Navy, Variegated Pink and White. The pattern is Jane Eborall's Lotus Flower. I love how this motif looks.

We also went to the zoo when they were here visiting and I got some really good pictures of the animals, especially one of a shark in a new tank. The polar bears are in a tank like this also. The tank has two enormous underwater viewing tunnels offering unparalleled views of the animals. If you are in the tunnel and look up, the shark or polar bear can swim right above you. It is sooo neat. I got a picture of the shark as it was swimming above me and you can see the sky above the shark, so it looks like the shark is swimming in the sky.

Here is another picture of the new tanks. Katrina sitting in front of the shark and Cameron is watching the polar bear swim by.

This is my niece Sarah standing by the tank with the Sea Lions.

Some other pictures that I liked, the Zebra and an Orchid.

Here is the newest baby elephant at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Isn't he cute!!!

It was a fun day at the Zoo.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Catching Up

It sure has been a busy summer. I have not had time to update my blog in such a long time. I have been tatting, but have not had time to update my blog. I wish there was more time in the day, just for tatting and reading tatting blogs. I try to tat and read a few blogs everyday. This morning I took pictures of what I have been tatting over the last month. I forgot to take pictures of a few things before I gave them away :(

I did finally manage to add a picture to the top of my blog title. It is the Reversible Motif by Jane Eborall. I loved tatting this motif. I used Yarnplayer's HDT, Tourmaline with matching threads. This is such a pretty colorway.

This is the front side of the motif.

This is the back side of the motif. I don't know which side I like best.

I wanted to make earrings to match each motif and use them as a pendant/earring set. I am very pleased at how each set turned out.

Then I made another Peacock colored motif (see previous post). Using Jane's "Lotus Flower" pattern again. The last one I made I turned in to a pin for my jean jacket. This time I added a ribbon/cord and it is a lovely pendant with matching earrings. I just love the colors in this motif too.

One more picture to post. Jane's new Multi Beaded Earrings. I love how this is made and there are so many possibilities for the bottom of these earrings. Thanks for all your wonderful patterns Jane. As you can see I love tatting your patterns.

I still have more to show, but it will have to be on another day. I need to get out to the garden and pick peppers, basil, and dill to freeze. It sure is hot today, it's about time though. Our summer has been rather cool, which is ok too, but we need some hot days and nights to help our tomatoes ripen.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I enjoy reading all the comments everyone leaves.

Have a great day!!